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For a lot of people hair loss is such a big problem. A lot of individuals who are suffering from hair loss, tend to find a temporary solution for their situation.

According to research:

“Researchers believe that by age 30, around 25-30% of men can experience baldness. Half of all men experience significant hair loss by the age of 50.”

If you are experiencing the same issue, like most of our clients, don’t lose hope, there is an option that can help you solve your hair loss concern.  To learn more, click the button below:

About Us

We are committed in giving  high quality hair, beard and also eyebrow transplant treatments to our clients. We function with a network of facilities across Scotland including Mansfield to satisfy your hair transplantation needs.

Our Offer to You

Have you ever thought of undergoing a hair, beard, brow transplant treatment but couldn’t afford it? If your response is “yes” then we are here for you. As a result of our track record within the market and also the affiliations we have developed throughout the years, we have the ability to provide you the right hair transplantation treatment that you need.

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Methods We Make use of:

Our network of facilities just use the most recent methods in hair transplant modern technology. These methods are as adheres to:

 If you want to figure out even more about these methods as well as just how the procedure is used, please contact us today.

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