Hair Transplant Finance Options

hair transplant finance imageWe at Hair Transplant Nottingham, care for our clients. We are advocates of helping our clients with their hair loss problem, we want to help them to bring back their confidence.

We believe that hair transplant should be affordable for all that is why our business provides a voucher to our clients. We promise to provide the same quality of treatment for all our clients.

Finance Packages for You

Our clinics provide options that you can choose from for your hair transplant payment. Here are the finance packages available for you.

We provide 2 finance payment options:

  1.  Deposit paid (% of treatment cost) with a 12 month interest free payment plan.
  2.  Deposit paid (% of treatment cost) with a 24 month payment plan with interest.

The best way to take advantage of our offers is to book your treatment at HTN, in this way, you can get a voucher. After consultation, you ask for the best finance package for your treatment.

We highly recommend the 12 months interest free plan.

Payment Plan Process

  1.  Client books through Hair Transplant Nottingham.
  2.  Client gets free consultation and receives RRP price followed by the discounted price.
  3. Discounted price is agreed upon. The clinic and the client discuss about the finance package. Client agrees to pay via 12 months interest free payment package (£1000 deposit paid with a £250 per month payment plan for 12 months).

Other Payment Options

In some cases, a client doesn’t qualify for the finance options means he should pay for the full price upfront. If you don’t have the amount, there is another option to pay via personal credit finance option.

  1.  You can apply for an interest free credit card
  2.  You can make payment using your interest free credit card
  3. Pay your monthly amount balance
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