Post Procedure

What to expect after a hair transplant treatment?

The donor area is not going to be visible after the method, although for some methods, scarring might occur. We strongly advise our patients to let the transplanted hair to grow after the procedure. Hiding the recipient area is not a good idea as it prevents the transplant hair to grow together with the natural hair. Letting it breathe for a period of time can help the growth of the transplanted hair.

Some of our patients think that their recipient area was shaved during the treatment, it is not the case. Only the donor area is shaved to get some hair follicles. In some cases, the recipient area might have some remnants sticking out on the scalp. These remnants will heal in 1-2 weeks. The redness of the scalp gets resolved in 3-6 weeks.

Hairpiece should not be worn during the recovery period. Wearing a hairpiece can hinder the recovery and growth of hair. Wearing a hat is the best option to hide the procedure however it shouldn’t be worn at all times.

The hair growth will take around 3-5 months, in any case that you would want to hide what has been done on your hair there are some options you can choose from (ask you specialist about them). For men, you can cut your hair short to conceal the hair growth of the transplanted hair. In this way, the natural hair can grow together with the transplanted one.

Don’t expect the hair to grow faster as your normal hair, in some cases, the transplanted hair takes a while to grow compares to your natural hair. Expecting growth too soon can lead to your disappointment.

Hygiene and cleanliness

You can wash the area with shampoo the next day after the surgery. It is necessary to clean the area after the treatment. Shampooing should be done in a very careful manner for the first 2 weeks. Remember, do not scrub the scalp and don’t use shower for washing your hair, instead you can use a cup to rinse the shampoo.

For some cases, the patient is advised to apply some ointment on the area after the procedure. However, other hair transplant surgeons ask their patients to do nothing at all after the surgery.

Styling the transplanted hair is permissible but caution should be observed at all times. Brushing the affected area too hard can cause damage on the grafts that were transplanted. Blow drying the hair is also okay but the temperature should be on its lowest level.

Things to remember after the surgery

These reminders should be followed after the surgery:

  • Patient should avoid heavy lifting 3 weeks are the surgery
  • Prescription medicines such as antibiotics and steroids are provided after the surgery. You should take them as prescribed to avoid infection on the area and to lessen the swelling
  •  Do not wear a hairpiece after the surgery
  •  Follow your specialists instructions at all times without fail
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