Beard Transplant

Beard Transplant Nottingham

beard transplant imageAre you looking for a beard transplant in Nottingham? Read on to find out more about the procedure.

A beard transplant is a process of taking hair from another part of your body (usually from the base of your scalp at the back) and transplants it to your face area. You have the liberty to choose the beard style that you want.

It is known that beard hair transplant for men is one of the in-demand treatments in a growing number of male individuals. Specialists and doctors also revealed that even older men want to use the procedure since it can improve their self-confidence and make them appear more stylish.

Beard Transplant Method

We are using the very updated FUE technique, the hair follicles are removed with a tiny tool from the back of the head. After that and before it is planted on the beard area, they are set aside at a specific temperature in a unique solution that helps with the hair development.

Not like the other hair transplant procedures, the FUE procedure protects the patient’s follicles from necrotic cuttings and from being damaged. With the use of the FUE Implanter (which has a r diameter less than 1mm) the hair follicles are rooted in the preferred face area.

The Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) is our most recommended procedure because it is not like other facial hair transplant methods and hair replacement procedures, it does not need scalpels, reception incisions, holes in the recipient area or stitches. Also with the FUE technique, more than 50% of the implanted hair follicles survive.

  • The procedure’s outcome is not instant as the transplanted beard hair falls out after two weeks. However, it slowly grows back 3 months later on.
  • The transplanted beard has the same conditions as a real beard. It can be trimmed, removed, shaved and experimented without having an issue after the first few months.
  •  Getting beard hair from a donor is impossible.

At Hair Transplant Nottingham, we guarantee that a beard transplant is absolutely 100% safe and pain-free and it takes between 2-5 hours and rarely needs a second visit to the clinic. During the procedure, hairs are transplanted to the face from the back of the head area of the client (it is also known as the “donor area”).

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